vineri, 26 iulie 2013

Belay thy colors, Mr. Rainbow!

Mă sufoc nu de căldura de afară, cât de îngustimea unor minţi prealuminate, care văd doar decădere şi pericol în jurul lor! Aş lua un taxi, până acolo unde nu se mai aud vocile panicate creştineşte de soarta României!

So, today I suddenly decided to switch to some in-between-language, hoping that my statements will become understood in a largissimo contexto.
My friend, the Spin, asked me last night not to worry about all that cyberbullying referring to nationalist issues, and to do something really challenging: with no money, as it's life, together with a good long-time-no-see fella, we have to go busking to some seaside places, studying the impact of our performances to tourists.
Also, the historical environments we will pass through and the philosophical heritage of people we will meet, for sure will revive my deep thinking over next winter.
Details when we come back.

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